Back in Action!

After a week on the couch, feeling like death was coming for me…I AM BACK BABY!!

John and I came down with the stomach flu. Horrible in every way. He was sweet enough to catch it from a co-worker, and pass it right on to me. Thank the Lord that Jp didn’t come down with it, or this house would have been a total hot mess. We don’t get sick often, but when we do it seems to be with something that lasts a week or so, and  makes you just want to curl up under a rock! I have been disinfecting every surface, and washing all the linens today in an attempt to rid my home of the germs!!  That’s it 2012. You’ve had your sick Courtney for the year. No more illness in this house!!

I had an awesome surprise today when the UPS man knocked on my door. I had completely forgotten that I was expecting a package!!

The Team at Chobani sent me 12 different flavors of their AWESOME Greek Yogurt. I am going to be trying each flavor and posting here!! I am super excited to be working with them, and I can’t wait to start my 12 day adventure!!

We are glad to be feeling better, and now that we are I am able to catch up on all the housework I have neglected. It’s amazing how quickly the laundry piles up when you are sick. I have been tackling that all day, and am finally down to my last load!! When that’s done I will be one happy momma. As for now, I need to chase down Mr. Stinky Pants and get him in the bathtub. I am hoping for an early night since he only took a 30 minute power nap today!!  Oh the joy’s of having a toddler!!


Documenting the Future

This is my first blog!! This is my attempt to better document the fun times of staying home with my son. He is 21 months old now, and quite a character, and I feel his antics should be out there! Eventually I would like this blog to be a place for parents come to find info on products I review, share opinions, recipies, and just a place for me to post about my day to day adventures.  



A little about me. My name is Courtney and I am married to my best friend John!!



We have been together since May 23, 2003. Yep, I married my high school sweet heart…granted he had already graduated before we met, but I was still in school. So it counts!! We met through a mutual friend, and from that first night I knew he would be the one. I just had to clue him in on that!! So after a few dates and some (now infamous) lying about making mashed potatoes, we were a couple!!  Six years later, we were married, and soon had our son. 



This picture sums up everything I love about my husband. That little guy in his arms is our son. John P. Wigley, born on February 8, 2010. He weighed in at 8lb 7oz, and was 21.75 inches long.






As soon as they picked him up off the weigh table, he snatched hold of one of the cords, and I hear this thunk!! I scream (from the c-section operating table) DID YOU JUST DROP MY BABY!! Nope, no babies were dropped, but the nurse grabbed our camera, and snapped this pic. She said babies hardly ever grab onto things so quick and tight that soon after birth. He was only about 4 minutes old!!


My how John has grown from that day. We call him Jp. Also, Jpers, pumpkin butt, little love, Mr. Wigley, and a whooooole lot of other nicknames. My readers will see a few written here! I will actually be suprised if he grows up not thinking his name is Sgt. Stinky Pants. (Which is for good reason.)  I never knew I could love one tiny person so much. Getting up in the morning is fun, because I always wonder what crazy thing he is going to do today. He has a huge personality, and I see my husband in him so much. From the little looks he gives me when eating lunch, to the way he smiles at me before he falls asleep on my lap. From sun up to sun down, this little guy rules the roost!! Which…we are working on..but those looks are killer, and I tend to give in to him.


We have some new adventures coming up that I hope to document here. Jp is 21 months, and we are about to start potty training. A new fad in our home is a baby that takes his diapers off and runs around. Thus, I am taking this as a clue that he would like to learn how to use the potty. I have done some research, and think I have found some ways to make the process more “fun” for him. His second birthday will be in February, so I will be exploring that process here, and documenting all that fun!!


Keep reading, it should be an adventure!!