Pajama Friday

Around our house we get up in the morning, and get dressed. I like for little man to feel a routine to the day. Wake up, diaper change, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth…things like that. Normally this is the start to our day.

However, I am now going to start Pajama Friday!

The morning routine won’t change, except for I get to avoid the particularly¬†arduous task of dressing a non cooperative toddler. Which for me is an amazing way to start a Friday. Also, I mean come on! Look at that happy little guy! He is so much happier when he doesn’t have to get dressed…and what mom wouldn’t want to hang out with a happy guy like him?

I believe having a routine with your baby is very important. I also believe that teaching them to stray once and a while keeps them happy.¬†Why? We as adults stray from our routines too. You know you look forward to those days when you call in to work randomly, with no “real” reason other than just needing a day to compose your sanity with rest, relaxation and…PAJAMAS!! See, it translates in to adulthood as well!! We all love a pajama day!!

Therefore, I hereby declare that Fridays in the Wigley House are and will always be Pajama Day!!

Because, if I can get a smile like the one in the picture everyday, then I know that I am doing my job right. Keeping Jp happy and safe is my task in life now. And if all it takes is a whole day in monkey pajamas, then I will gladly give it to him.

Keep an eye out for our Pajama Friday posts. I can not wait to buy new jammies for him to show off here!!