Free Subway?? Yes Please!!



I don’t know about you, but I love getting things for free. Whether it’s big or small, new or old, free is fantastic. So imagine my suprise when I went to Subway today. I went because I had a coupon for a buy 1 six inch, get another free. (Notice a free trend yet?!) I go in, and had obviously just gotten there after their lunch rush. Supplies were running low, and the two ladies behind the counter looked like they had just run a mile! I order our sandwiches, BMT for me, and Turkey for John, and a kids Turkey meal for Jp. When the sandwiches are ready, and Aimee(I actually remembered her name!) totals my order, “That’ll be $12.58.” “Great” I say, and whip out my debit card. I see the look on her face, and it was like I had just told her Santas not real. “We forgot to tell you our debit/credit machine is down.” Instantly in my head, I think how awesome it would be to get our lunch for free, but I thought of another option. “I have my checkbook in my purse luckily, I could just write you a check.” This is when the other lady behind the counter chimes in. “Is it a local check?” “Yes.” I say. I live in Austin, very near to Pflugerville, so I had crossed over in to the Pville City Limits on my quest. “The check has to say Pflugerville on it.” She replies.


So at this point, my free radar is going off in my head!I was also thinking about how I really didn’t want to have to go to another store and get cash, and make a trip back for some sandwiches that had just been sitting there that whole time. No one likes soggy bread! “Umm..just go ahead and take em.” Aimee said. “Really? Are you sure thats ok?” So I wrote down my name and phone number, just for the nice kids sake, incase her bosses wanted to know what the loss was all about. Yay for free lunch!!


So I don’t know if anyone else likes this as much as I do, but I always love getting things free. Maybe it all stems from when my Granny( Fathers Mom) would take me dumpster diving. The woman had some great peices in her home that she had rescued from the dumpster and cleaned up. To this day that sticks with me. I’m a part of three local Freecycle groups. I LOVE LOVE LOVE free stuff! If you aren’t a part of your local Freecycle group you should totally join. I have received some quality things, and also things we were really needing but just didn’t have the budget for. I also have been able to get rid of so much stuff we don’t need. All of Jp’s clothes that he has outgrown, have gone on to other kiddos to enjoy, and I was able to get some awesome outfits for him too! It’s really a great thing, and it keeps all of the stuff out of our landfills!!


Well, it looks like it’s time to put Jp down for a nap. He is full of Turkey sandwich and apple slices, and seems to be getting sleepy! Hope everyone has a great day!!