I’m A “Bad Mommy”! Are You?

This week my friend Angela at Written By Mama shared a picture on her Facebook. Here is said image:

Not on Angela’s page, but on the original posting people were getting up in arms about others choices. Why? That makes no sense. It’s your life, your child and how you raise them is your choice. The comments turned into people bashing others, and calling each other “Bad Mommies” for their decisions in parenting. Most comments are directed at the woman pictured, who circumcised her son. Well that made me think…so here it is.

The reasons I am a “Bad Mommy”:

  • I had a PLANNED C-SECTION and I CHOSE THAT METHOD. My Husband, OB and I discussed all options, and I chose what I was most comfortable with. Case closed.
  • Jp IS circumcised. John and I chose that option, and I don’t feel I need to justify my decision to anyone.
  • Jp was exclusively FORMULA FED. My body did not produce any breast milk. He is happy, healthy, and that’s all that matters. Either way, it was my decision.
  • Jp stays up as late as he wants. Right now a set bedtime turns into a fight. I’m a SAHM, so why freak out if he’s not in bed by 9??  More time together anyways!
  • I let him watch Family Guy. So?! Stewie cracks him (and me) up!
  • He eats WAY too much cheese. He won’t drink milk, so I take is as a trade-off.
  •  He eats things off the floor past the 5 second rule!  He may drop a chicken nugget and not come back to it for 20 minutes, but it will be there waiting for him when he’s ready. As my Nanny would say” God made dirt, and dirt don’t hurt!!”
  • Jp says bad words. His first full sentence was “I shit again.” and I LAUGHED! It was funny.
  • We do follow the pediatricians recommendations for vaccinations. Jp is up to date and has gotten a FLU Shot every year since he was born.

The point is, We all raise our children differently. Why can’t we just celebrate the fact that we are Mom’s and all in this crazy adventure together? Why do some feel the need to attack others over their decisions? It’s just not necessary.

That is why I support my fellow “Bad Mommies” and wear our badge with pride. Jp is a Happy Little Man who showers me with hugs and kisses. He loves to cuddle in my lap, and is leaning on my shoulder as I type this.  He is NEVER neglected, and always has what he needs. My sole purpose in life is to take care of him and make him happy and when he shows me love it lets me know that I’m doing something right. I know that NO MATTER WHAT He loves me and knows that I only make the best decisions for him.

So, are you a “Bad Mommy”? Feel free to comment below!


Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE – Family Activity Sheets

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