Motherhood can make you feel a lot of things. Joy, fear, bliss, proud, frazzled, and a whole lot of other emotions. But the biggest feeling I have is rushed.  I feel rushed to get the laudry done, rushed to get dishes put away, and dinner cooked. Why, you ask. Well it’s not because of our fast paced lifestyle or anything(Haha, we are far from fast paced around here!), it is because I have a toddler who gets into anything I am doing. ANYTHING. If there is laundry to be folded in a basket, he thinks it should be on the floor. Because “Duh Mom, laundry baskets are for playing in!” Dishes, oh dishes! Thats an adventure. The silverware basket has to be first out or else every spoon and spatula I own will be used as a sword! He freekin loves them. So much so, that I went through his toys yesterday and discovered 4, yep FOUR, of my spatulas in there. Who does that?!?


Out of all the things I have to race to get done around here, I never thought using the bathroom would be one of them. Never. I will sneak away at a moment when I don’t think he will notice me missing, and then find myself counting the seconds until I hear him walk in our bedroom and slam the door! Then this super cute smiling baby rounds the corner, and shuts us in the bathroom together. Just so he can get to the shelf behind the door. It’s super fun to pull all the sheets, towels, and wash rags off onto the floor, and then try to climb the shelves like a monkey. All while mommy just needed 2 minutes to tinkle, but she couldn’t get it done before you noticed where she was!! On the rare occasion I am able to make it out before he notices I feel a mild sense of accomplishment over him! “Hahah Sgt. Stinky Pants, I beat you this time!”


I guess you could say it’s the little things that get a mommy through her day. I just never thought going to the bathroom alone would be my favorite little thing.