About The Wigleys




My name is Courtney Wigley and I am the Owner and Author behind A Look Into Our World. I am a Married, 27 (28 on 10/18) year old, Stay-at-Home Mom of one very active 2-year-old. I have lived in Austin since the age of 13. Originally I am from Athens Texas, a small town of 12,155 people. Growing up in a close-knit community instilled in me the family values I would like to bring to my own. I graduated from Cedar Park High School in 2003. I was lucky enough to meet my one true love in May of my Senior Year. We have been together ever since, celebrating 9 years this past May. We dated for 6 years and were Married in 2009. Our son was born February 8, 2010 and our lives have changed for the better in every way. I have always dreamed of being a Stay-at-Home Mom and it is better than I ever expected. Though the hours are long and the work is hard, the payoff is better than any job I’ve ever had. I wake up each day wondering what adventures we will have, and what we will learn.

I started My Blog in October of 2011 as a blogspot site. In December I moved to WordPress and have only grown! I started blogging to keep family that lives out-of-town and state updated on our growing little man. Also after going through the trials and tribulations of being first time parents, I wanted to offer any advice that I could to friends and anyone going through what we are! I know that when I am looking for advice I seek out other Moms because come on, who can understand us better!?! I quickly took on Product Reviews and grew to love giving my honest opinion about products we use in and around our home. Through the reviews I have been able to provide readers with some great Giveaways too!! Because if I get a freebie, you do too!  I have built some great relationships through blogging, and I am looking forward to growing and connecting with my readers even more.

Thank You for joining me on this adventure that is life. I love that I have wonderful friends out there that I can say are my readers!!



Now some pics of the family!!












































3 thoughts on “About The Wigleys

  1. Courtney, I’m so excited that you found my blog (http://neverwearanyoneelseshat.blogspot.com/) and that I found yours, and that you ARE the Courtney Wigley that I thought you were! I remember when your little one was just a pea in the pod! Please give John my best and kiss the little one! I’d love to get together soon to talk about WordPress. I just loaded it last week and I’m already befuddled. Could we do a weekend lunch? My 9-year old can watch your son!

    • Thank you Amy!! John emailed me as soon as he got your link, and was like You need to check her out!! I hope you all are doing well, and I would love to get together and catch up over lunch. We could chat about the awesomeness of blogging!! I am also a part of some amazing groups on Facebook, and these ladies have been nothing but help and become great friends!! If you will, shoot me an email at alookintoourworld@live.com with your facebook address, and I will add you!! The Austin Bloggers ladies are freekin awesome, and we have a Girls Night Out once a month!! I will talk to you soon!!

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