EDiaperCakes.com $25 Gift Card #GIVEAWAY

My diaper cake was one of the coolest things at my baby shower. My friend Ashley spent hours rolling and taping diapers and forming them into this massive 3 tier creation, with ribbons and sparkles! It was fantastic. But…anyone who has ever made a diaper cake knows how time consuming and tough it really is. I attempted one for my friend Alaina’s shower…but that was scrapped and she received a huge box of diapers instead. She loved it either way, but I would have loved to have known about EDiaperCakes.com!

They make some AMAZING diaper cakes and take the stress of your shoulders!! So do you have a baby shower coming up soon?? Enter below for your chance to win a $25 Gift Card to EDiaperCakes.com. GOOD LUCK!!

Giveaway done by: Elitemama

Want to make your baby shower memorable? eDiaperCakes is the perfect place to get the most memorable diaper cakes that will definitely be the talk of the party. Their high-quality diapers and handcrafted designs ensure that any mother-to-be is happy with their work. eDiaperCakes strive for perfection in every single gift they create.

Their Diaper Cakes offer the best value on the market today. Each cake includes approximately 75 pampers Swaddlers diapers as well as a number of other practical gifts for parents. The cakes include socks, mittens, teethers, books, toys, bibs and much more. Everything is arranged beautifully on the cakes making them look adorable.


Every Diaper Cake is created by hand by the eDiaperCakes team. They painstakingly craft all four tiers of the cake to ensure that it looks its best. Then they accessorize the cake and ship it out to you within two days or less. These cakes are ideal for baby showers and they can for the centerpiece of the celebration.


The accessories and gifts used on these cakes are the highest of quality. eDiaperCakes does not include products that they wouldn’t use on their own children and want you to be proud to present their Diaper Cakes at baby showers. Their cakes include practical gifts for parents as well as a cuddly toys that newborn babies will treasure as they get older.

Some of the designs found on eDiaperCakes feature flower arrangements making them a perfect way to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Others cakes feature cuddly stuffed dinosaurs for baby boys. There is also nuetral cakes as well, do-it-yourself cakes, and much more.

Giveaway: Enter to win a $25 gift certificate to eDiaperCakes. Certificate can be used on all cakes, including cakes that are on sale. You must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway is open to the US and will end 12/22. Please enter the rafflecopter form below for your chance to win. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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