CuddleUppets® – The Blanket that’s a Puppet!!

You may have heard the commercial by now: CuddleUppets, the blankets that are puppets. You can play all day and sleep the night away.

Recognized by industry experts such as Dr. Toy, PTPA Media and Traveling Mom as a Top Travel Toy since the product launch in 2012, CuddleUppets are machine washable and cost less than twenty dollars, making them an affordable gift for the holidays and every day!

CuddleUppets are available in eight varieties: Pink Poodle, Blue Elephant, Purple Monkey, Yellow Puppy, Brown Bear Green Crocodile and the newest additions Pink Ladybug and Magic Unicorn. They are available online at and in major retailers as well as Amazon.

Jp received the Monkey to snuggle with!! Here is a picture so you can see how big the blanket  actually is. I had thought that it would be smaller, but was super surprised to find that even I could cover up with it!! I am only 5 foot 2 though!!!! Hahahahah

He(can you assign a blanket a gender? Well I just did!) is super cute and Jp was instantly in love!

He runs around like a crazy man with this thing, and I just caught him trying to feed the Puppet mac n’ cheese. Good thing these are machine washable!

They are Also perfect for sleeping! Jp has slept with it every night since we received it!!

If you are interested in purchasing a CuddleUppet for your little one, head over to their website and order one today!! Your tiny person will Thank You!!


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