The End Result – 90 Day hCG1234 Challenge

*Update* Here are a couple of side-by-side before and after pics that I made on my phone!


Well my 90 day hCG1234 challenge has come to a close. I am SO STOKED with my results!!   Lets see some before pics though!

A Couple of Weeks Before I Started hCG1234

And you will all remember these pictures from my Before Post:

180lbs Starting Weight

Before: 180 lbs

Those pictures are awful, mostly because I can’t take a good self shot and my digital camera has STILL not been replaced!! Thank goodness I have a birthday coming up soon! Momma wants a new camera and a Jack Lalane Power Juicer!!

During my 90 Day Challenge I was able to loose 32 pounds!!!! THAT IS AMAZING TO ME!!! I started out at 180 pounds and after using hCG1234 and following the diet I am down to 148 lbs. I went from a size 17 to size 10/11, an XL shirt to a MEDIUM!!

To be honest, I cant remember the last time I was 148lbs. I know that on my first day of Freshman year of High School I was 210. I will always remember weighing myself in my Mom’s bathroom before I got ready, and then crying the whole time waiting for the bus. I was 165 when I got pregnant with Jp and 224 when I gave birth. So it’s safe to say that I am the healthiest and more fit than I have been in the last 10 years!! I don’t get winded climbing 3 flights of stairs to my besites house anymore. I run on the treadmill at night…which I NEVER did or could do before. I have more energy now, and that is the biggest and BEST thing!! I need it to be able to keep up with Jp!

Besides being more active, I am HAPPY and COMFORTABLE in my body now, and isn’t that what we all want??

I know what to eat to fuel my body and what junk to stay away from. Following the strict diet for 90 days really changed the way I look at food, and how/what I eat. So who wants to see some pictures!??!

Hubbs took these last night in the dining room:




Those are SIZE 11 SHORTS!!

One Happy Camper!

I would just like to take a minute to Thank The WHOLE Creative Bioscience Staff and Support Team! I could not have done this without them, and if I hadn’t of started this diet, I KNOW I wouldn’t be a Happy Camper right now. Loosing 32 pounds has done a number on my self-confidence and I am ready to take on the world! I will be continuing my journey and seeing just how in shape I can get!

If you are thinking about loosing weight, I encourage you to head over to Creative Bioscience  and take a look at their line of  products. There is one for every person and their particular journey. Their 24/7 support line will answer any questions you have before, during or after your diet. They will encourage you and give you the extra push you need to get it done!! Who doesn’t need a team behind them during a time like this?!?


13 thoughts on “The End Result – 90 Day hCG1234 Challenge

  1. I agree with everyone, you really do look great! I’m lucky I found your website, I’m about to start my drops on Monday. I have the exact same bottle you had when you started, and I’m wondering…how long did it take for you to finish one bottle? I’m worried I’ll run out in the middle of it..

    • I was actually able to get through about 8 weeks with one bottle. I did a 6 week session, took a break for 3, and then I didn’t have to open my second bottle until at least 2 weeks into my next session. Plus since you are taking one day off from the drops per week, the bottle lasts longer.

  2. I wanted to know how this is going now and if youve kept the weight off or if youve done more cycles? How do you look now?

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