Wordless Wednesday

John wants Jp to have nice, neat, short hair. Not me so much! I like him shaggy. I mean come on, I’m gonna cut it when he starts school, but for now I’m gonna let it grow wild…or so I thought.


Meet John and his new bangs. Courtesy of Daddy! Good thing my bestie is a stylist. Looks like we will be heading to her for a trim.


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • I felt really pressured to cut his hair after he turned one. Lots of ‘Why don’t you just cut it” from my family. My old boss at KIA, Cory was the only one who said “Don’t do it. Those little curls will never come back!” Sure as hell, his little curls NEVER CAME BACK!! So now I’m protesting!! Lol. I will let Alaina trim him up and make him look nice…but I doubt that I will cut it again until he starts school!! I love his little, blonde locks!!

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