I am very excited to announce my participation with Wholly Guacamole for The Wholly Heroes Event.

Tshirt art created by Ordinary People Change the World

Help us send 100 Kids to camp and receive a FREE Wholly Guacamole® coupon!

This year, we’re launching a special program. We meet everyday, average people everyday who are Heroes! We wanted to celebrate a special group of people who are indeed heroes in our book- the children of the soldiers who honorably serve our country every day.

Every year, 2 million kids say goodbye to their moms or dads as they deploy. This means 2 million birthdays, first day of school, last day of school, holidays and special events are missed. Wholly Guacamole teamed up with Brad Meltzer, NY Times bestselling author and creator of Ordinary People Change The World. His team created the artwork for our Wholly™ Heroes program. The proceeds with go to Operation Purple® camps which is part of the National Military Family Association. These summer camps are special for military kids and the organization is a non-profit. Please help us meet our goal to send 100 kids to camp!

Program Details:

– Go to eatwholly.com or facebook.com/whollyguacamole to purchase a shirt or donate directly to Operation Purple camps!

– The shirts are $10 and the entire $10 amount will go towards our goal.

– Our goal is to sell 5,000 shirts to meet our goal of sending 100 kids to camp.

– Sales are via Pay Pal and shipping is included.

– Both youth and adult size shirts are available.

– Program- Sept 16- Oct 31


I have my Tshirt already, and have been wearing it all around. It’s actually in the washer right now!! This pic was taken pre-wash of course!!


So who will join me in sending some AMAZING kids to Operation Purple Camps?? I hope you all will!!!


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