NeriumAD Real Results Parties

You all have been following my trial of NeriumAD and have seen that I am totally in love with my skin now!! My pores are smaller, I haven’t had a breakout since I started (knock on wood!), my skin feels softer and smoother and the lines on my forehead have started to disappear!!!

If you have taken a look at my NeriumAD Sponsor, Misty’s Site, chances are that you have seen some of the awesome results. While it’s great to see them online and read peoples testimonials, it doesn’t quite compare to seeing and hearing them in person!

My Austin peeps have a great chance to meet Misty McLemore and see, in person, some of the great results. You will also be able to get more information on the 3 UR Free program that we discussed in the last post.  Misty will be hosting 3 NeriumAd Real Results Parties in September and I would like to invite you all to attend one…or all!!

Here are the dates:

Monday, Sept 17 – 6PM Freda’s Seafood Restaurant, 10903 Pecan Park Blvd, Austin, 78750
Weds, Sept 19 – 7pm La Madeliene, 9828 Great Hills Trail, Austin, 78759
Thurs, Sept 20 – 6:30 PM La Madeliene, 5493 Brodie Lane, Austin, 78745
These parties are informational only, and ARE NOT pushy sales pitches so you won’t have to worry about feeling obligated to buy. This is just to show you what results you can have if you decide to start the NeriumAD regimen. You are more than welcome to bring as many guests with you as you would like. This is a plus for people like me. If you know me then you know, Jen, Alaina, Michelle and I do EVERYTHING together. Sometimes activities are just more fun with a posse! So round up the girls and head out to the Real Results Party closest to you.
If you are interested in attending, please email Misty at to RSVP for you and your crew! I am planning on attending the September 19th Party, and I hope to see EVERYONE there!!!

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