Wordless Wednesday with NeriumAD

I have been using NeriumAD for a few weeks now, and I am loving the transformation I am seeing in my skin. It has a completely different feel and I can see a HUGE difference in my pores.

For this Wordless Wednesday (Which will have a few more words than normal!) I wanted to showcase the awesome 3UR Free Program that NeriumAD has. All you have to do is go here to sign up to become a preferred customer.

You will immediately begin to save on product purchases with their Auto-Delivery Order program and continue to receive your product every month, and at the lowest price available! As a Preferred Customer, you are also eligible to participate in The 3UR Free program. Simply refer three (3) other Preferred Customers, and when each of them purchases your same product order (or more than your product order) in a given month, your next month’s Nerium product is free!

How cool is that!! You can help your friends change their skin and get an awesome bonus!! If you haven’t yet, head over to Misty’s Nerium Website and take a look at the products, the results gallery, and science behind NeriumAD. You will be very glad you did!!

Thank You again to Misty for this awesome opportunity, and for being so understanding. This post comes late, as we have been dealing with a sick and hospitalized family member. I just ask that everyone keep John’s Mom in their thoughts and prayers. She has had 3 back surgeries and 3 infections from the surgeries in the last 30 days. Things should be looking better for her after the last operation where they removed all the metal bars and discs to clean and reassemble everything. She will have a long grueling road of physical therapy ahead, so please pray that she has the strength to do it. I know she does, but we all know extra encouragement is always a plus!!


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