Seriously. How does he do It?

I have all the crayons in the house in a basket on top of the fridge. So, you tell me. How does he do this?


I guess someone has a crayon stashed somewhere. This means that I will be cleaning and organizing this room until I find It.
He was very proud of his artwork though.


Ahhh, no one told me raising a toddler was this much….fun. let’s just call It fun!!

I hope everyone is having a great day. Keep an eye out for TWO awesome giveaway announcements coming up tomorrow!!

Now I’m off to clean walls like a mad woman!!


3 thoughts on “Seriously. How does he do It?

    • Ahh, I think I would cry!! Last week he took a pen to his bedroom wall and that took an hour to get off! I’ve gone through one magic eraser sponge on these stains, and decided to take a break until he goes down for a nap!

  1. Oh dear! Toddlers are amazing in stashing those things that they know we don’t wish them to have. Fun… indeed! When my son was 3, I came into my bedroom to find my entire vanity table covered in pink lipstick. It was so artistically done, that I swung between laughing and yelling. Two weeks later, I was still cleaning off lipstick.

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