Meet Jodi!!

This past Saturday I got up and came out to the  living room to find the Hubby and Boy already dressed and sitting on the couch. John told me to go get ready, We had an errand to run. He asked if I knew where Hancock Center was, and I Did, so he told me to just drive there. Once we were there, he told me to go to the PETCO, and it was then I knew what we were going to do!!

I would like to introduce you to Jodi, the newest member of our family!!


Jodi Foster Wigley

She’s almost 5 months old, and weighs about 3 pounds. She’s a tiny little lady! We adopted her from Austin Pets Alive. She was being taken care of by a foster family, so her full name is Jodi Foster Wigley!

She immediately took to all of us, and has just made herself at home. She even curls up next to Jp when he sleeps!


Jp and Jodi

We are all in Love with her. I may or may not have caught John baby talking her last night!! Yea, I Did!  It was pretty hilarious! She has him wrapped around her little paw!


Jodi is going to be very Happy in her forever home!

If you are considering getting a pet, please check out Austin Pets Alive.  They do GREAT work, and have low cost adoptions. This way you can afford to get all the toys and supplies your new family member needs!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Jodi!!

  1. She’s beautiful! She reminds me of a cat I had growing up, his name was Roger. Very similar markings & color – he was truly the best cat ever.
    Anyways, congrats on your new family member (:

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