My NeriumAD Results

I have been using NeriumAD every night now for 8 days now. I know it was supposed to be a 5 night challenge, but things have been a bit hectic in our house this week, so I had to add-on a couple of extra days.

I am absolutely loving the way my skin feels. It has not been this smooth in years! Take a look!

Ignore my messy hair. Haven’t had time to straighten it today!

I will be using NeriumAD for the foreseeable future, because…well who doesn’t want better skin! Plus it is totally easy to work into my night-time routine. Brush my teeth, wash my face, take 4 pumps of NeriumAD and massage into still damp face! Then hit the hay!

If you haven’t already, please head over to Misty’s Website and take a look at the before and after photos, and if you are interested in purchasing NeriumAD you have 2 options to choose from! How great is that?!?

I would just like to Thank Misty McLemore for letting me try this product! I will be purchasing more for sure. I am finally back to loving my skin again!!



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