Since when do toddlers steal??

So last night Jp and I made a trip to (insert local drugstore chain here.) Yea, I’m not naming them!
Jp was his usual, nice self. No fits, no running off to the toy isle. He was just too good to be true. Well he had some thievery up his sleeve I guess! He had nothing in his hands when we were leaving. I saw both of them when I put him in his car seat. They were empty! Then we pull up to the house and he is magically holding this:

Wow. Seriously?? Did that really just happen? He stole. It was a .59¢ sucker, but still. He did it. He must have pocketed it while I was checking out. Looks like we will be working on a stealing is bad lesson this week.
But come on…how can I be disappointed in this face?!?

Toddler:1 Local Drugstore Chain:0


2 thoughts on “Since when do toddlers steal??

    • This was the first time, and it will for sure be the last!! This kid is so headstrong and sneaky though. If he sees something he wants, He’s going to find a way to get it! Hah…wonder where his determination came from?! Is this the beginning of that “Payback” my Mom was always talking about?!??!

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