Plumley’s Togs- T-Shirt Review

Have you heard of Plumley’s Togs? Are you still sitting confused, trying to figure out what a Plumley or a Tog is?? It’s ok…I will totally explain them to you!

Plumley’s Togs is a clothing company, and honestly their website explains Plumley and his clothing mission so much better than I ever could.  Here, Pop over and read their About Us Page. I’ll wait for you here.

Wasn’t that awesome?! So now that your up to speed, lets take a look at some of the pictures of Jp from this afternoon. He was wearing the “Chips” Toddler Tee.





Little Man was loving having Daddy there to pick him up!

A rare snap of Little Man and I!

That’s the last picture we were able to get outside. It started to sprinkle, and was super humid, so Jp decided he was done, and took off running for the house!! We came inside for a snack….AND MORE PICTURES!!!


And apparently if I say “Smile for the camera” enough times, I get little gems like these last two pictures. I just love that smile!!

Love Love Love Love!!

I do love this t-shirt on him! He has been running around the house all day, pointing to his belly and saying “Chips,Chips!” Pretty awesome!! I do have to admit, I wish these came in the next sizes up though. 24 Months is the highest they go.  Jp turned 2 in February, and even then he was already wearing some 3T . One or two sizes larger would ensure he will be able to wear it for a while.  Also, I don’t know if the image on the website is newer or older, but the tee we received was not that cut and “type” of shirt. It did look at first to be cut like a little girl’s shirt, but once I got it on him it looked fine. Just a little tight around his mid-section, but that is nothing new for us!!

Plumley should get into the Adult T-Shirt business too!! I would love to have some pictures of Little Man and his Dad in matching shirts!! Heck, I’d get one too, and we could have a family portrait taken!!

If you haven’t already, please check out Plumley’s Togs. You can Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest and greatest tog updates!!

A HUGE Thank You goes out to Plumley and Richard for the great shirt, and this amazing opportunity! Cheers Mates!!











*Disclosure-I was sent 1 Chips T-shirt in Red, in exchange for this review and post. No monetary compensation has or will be made. All opinions are 100% my own and not influenced in any way. Please refer to my full Disclosure Policy for more information.*


3 thoughts on “Plumley’s Togs- T-Shirt Review

  1. I have bought several of these (I know the owners) for friends’ kids and they love them. The kids now ask for the shirts by name the same way too – “chips! chips! chips!”

    • Jp LOVES his chips shirt, he actually picked it out this morning and is wearing it now! I am Also excited because I found out that Plumley will be soon offering 3T sizes in their shirts!! I can’t wait!!

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