The awesomeness that is Snackle Mouth Granola

Have you heard of Snackle Mouth?

You can find it here in Austin at Whole Foods. If you haven’t tried it yet….GO NOW AND BUY ALL THAT IS LEFT ON THE SHELF!!

Especially if you have a picky eater like me. I was just posting on Facebook about how he will only really eat 5 foods now. That can be a frustrating situation. When I received the Snackle Mouth I was excited to see what he would think.

Sorry for the pic quality, still having to use my phone. Anyhoot, this granola is AMAZING!! I was worried about it being too crunchy for Jp to snap into, but it is soft and chewy!! Yay for chewy!! There are HUGE chunks of nuts and berries, and to my surprise Jp loved it!! With how picky he has been lately, it is hard to get him to eat healthy foods. I don’t think a day of cheese and apple juice is on any diet plan out there…his opinion seems to differ though. I was only able to snag this handful away from him(and it was absolutely deish!!), before he devoured the whole box. Since it is available at my local Whole Foods, I will be heading out soon to get some more!! I will stock up on anything healthy that Jp will eat right now. Plus the Hubbs loved it too!!!

Almond Pecan Maple…YUM!!


  • Chewy and packed full of fruit and nuts-CHECK
  • Natural and Organic-CHECK
  • Affordable and Available Locally-CHECK
  • Great Selection of Flavors-CHECK
  • 2 Year Old Approved-BIGGEST CHECK OF ALL

Head on over to Facebook and Check out the Snackle Mouth Fan Page. Also if you can’t find this great product at your store, you can always order online!! How awesome is that!! Great, healthy snacks, shipped right to your door!!

I hope you all decide to give it a try. I know this will become a staple in our home!!


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