I’ve been had…

Well my days of saying “Oh no, Jp has never done that.” are slowly coming to an end. As he is getting older and testing more boundaries I am finding myself fighting more and more battles. He did it. He got me this week. Took advantage of a moment of weakness and went for it. I was doing dishes in the kitchen while he was having art time at the table. I get carried away cleaning for one minute and BOOM…BAM…WHACK

My Dining Room Wall

His Bedroom Door

And His Bedroom Wall

It’s hitting me. This is it. I am in the thick of it. Motherhood at it’s finest!! Cleaning crayon off my walls, watching The Cat in The Hat three times in one day, because it’s his favorite, kissing boo boo’s and constantly warning him that his daredevil actions could result in a broken face. There may be a bit more to raising children than anyone ever let on!! Oh and potty training…don’t even get me started. I am not a fan, but alas we press on.

Even with all the crazy involved, I am finding that parenting can be fun. So I have a few marks on the wall…it’s just my budding artist practicing. They come off, but these awesome memories are there forever!!  Oh, and just know from experience the UP brand eraser sponges work better than a certain bald man’s!!

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Fourth of July!!



2 thoughts on “I’ve been had…

  1. Potty training is simple. If he knows what to do, tell him that when he is ready, he can tell you. Then he gets the big boy pants you are storing for him on top of the fridge. No rewards, no time to go whether he needs to or not, no big fan fare. And when he takes his first poo in the pants, take him outside to the faucet (in the backyard) and make him clean the pants. You can throw them away later if you can’t get them clean. But I promise, he will not like that job at all. You can still clean him up when he goes in the pot for a while, but you don’t have to make any kind of an issue out of potty training. The less, the better.

    • Awesome!! Thank you Ann!! It makes tons of sense to not make a big deal of it, I just never thought of that. I usually treat it like an event and try to make it all “Whoohoo potty!!’ Lol. I will definitely be trying your suggestions out!!

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