Kicking off my 90 Day hCG 1234 Diet!!

Ok peeps. This post is going to be a hard one for me to write. I am going to be posting my before pics (which were taken on my cell phone…and suck). I still need to get a new digital camera. Aaaaannnndddd…revealing my starting weight. I debated not posting it, but then whats the point of this whole thing??  I have to agree to be completely open and honest, and exposing my weight is part of that. As much as I don’t want it to be…it is!!

Here We Go!!

As you all know I will be taking hCG 1234 from Creative Bioscience.

















And here are the DREADED Before Pictures:











Please excuse my overly cluttered bathroom counter!! I apparently need a million things right by the sink!!


So Today (Saturday June 23, 2012) I started my Phase 1 at 180 pounds. Here’s a description of this phase from Creative Bioscience:

Phase 1 – Load :

Start taking the drops. You will need to take 10 drops 3 times per day. Once in the morning; again 30 minutes before lunch; and then again 30 minutes before dinner. Place the drops under your tongue and hold them there for 60 seconds,swallow the remaining liquid.

The first 2 days of taking the drops, you must eat as much high fat food as you possibly can. This is called ‘forced feeding’, and it is very important because during these 2 days you are storing fat to be used as energy during the low-calorie part of the diet. You do not want to skimp on this part. Your energy level will suffer if you don’t do this step correctly.

The best foods to eat are milk chocolate, pastries, ice cream, peanut butter,bread with lots of butter, and pork products. Look for foods with high fat content.Don’t worry about the weight you gain during these first 2 days (Please refer to allowed foods sections).

I have eaten until I can’t eat any more today. This helps to store up fat for the second phase (6 weeks for me) in which I will drop my calorie intake to 500 a day.

Phase 2 – Lose:

On the 3rd day, you will begin the low-calorie diet. You may only eat the foods listed below. You will continue the low-calorie diet for 3 weeks if you are trying to lose 15-20 pounds; or 6 weeks if you are trying to lose 34-40 pounds.(If you do the 6 week course, you will follow the diet for the full 6 weeks; however you must only take the drops 6 days out of each week so that you don’t develop immunity to the hCG. For example, don’t take the drops on Sundays, but continue to follow the diet). Weigh yourself every morning when you wake up.

At the end of the 3 (or 6) weeks, you must stop taking the drops, but continue on the low-calorie diet for 3 days. This will allow your body to flush the hCG out of your system. It is very important to adhere to this part of the diet; if you immediately go back to a regular diet, you may gain weight.

List of allowed foods: (No variations are allowed; if an item is not on this list, it is forbidden. Some doctors and clinics make substitutions, but we recommend sticking to the original protocol exactly to maximize your results).

Protein – Two 100 gram (3.5oz) servings per day

White fish (tilapia, halibut)
Extra lean ground beef
Steak Lobster

You must remove all the fat from the meat and weigh it before cooking. No oils may be used to cook the meat, and watch out for the spices containing sugar.

Vegetables – Two servings per day

Green salad
Red radishes

The Original protocol is not very specific about exactly how much a vegetable serving is, so use your best judgment. (One serving is approximately 2 cups of salad, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 1 onion, or half a cabbage. Be sure not to mix vegetables, only 1 vegetable is allowed per meal.)

Bread – Two servings per day

1 Melba toast 
1 grissini

Fruit – Two servings per day

1 apple
1 orange
Half of a grapefruit
Handful of strawberries

You can disperse the allotted food as you choose; however the option according to the original protocol is to skip breakfast and break up your allowed food into lunch, dinner, and two snacks.

Beverages – You can consume unlimited amounts of the following liquids; try to consume at least 3 liters of fluids per day

Black coffee
Water (distilled is best)
Sparking water (Pellegrino, Perrier, etc.)

Sweeteners – Only stevia and saccharin (Sweet’N Low) are allowed during Phase 2. Not aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), or sugar is allowed.

Spices/Seasonings – You can use any spice you want, again just be sure it doesn’t contain sugar. Salt and pepper are allowed. Read the ingredients of everything you can consume. Even a minor intake of something that is not allowed can stall you.

Gum – You can have gum, but be sure it is flavored with xylitol (natural sweetener). Most brands of gum use aspartame, which is not allowed.

I know the diet will be tough at first, but I feel that as long as I have my head straight, and keep focused, I will be able to shed some serious pounds. My goal weight is an even 140. 40 pounds to lose. I totally know I can do it!!

I thank everyone for the positive feed back that’s been sent my way. I will definitely be needing it during the next few weeks.

If you haven’t yet, please take the time to enter my Creative Bioscience -90 Day Supply #Giveaway where you have a chance to win a 90 Day Supply of ANY Creative Bioscience Product!! How awesome is that!! 5 Lucky readers will win, so share with all your friends and lets spread the word about all the great products CB has to offer.

Thank You all for following me on this journey!!



20 thoughts on “Kicking off my 90 Day hCG 1234 Diet!!

  1. Hey Courtney!

    I did HCG for awhile and it definitely worked. I didn’t stick it out though..I just wasn’t ready for it or I got lazy or something 🙂 If you stick with it, (you can do it!) it really does work and you will see positive results! Good luck to you!

    • I am starting on Monday 9/29/14. I am soooo excited. Everybody says the 2 oz. drops last 6 weeks. I hopefully will lose 25 pounds in that amount of time!!!!:-)

  2. Pingback: The End Result – 90 Day hCG1234 Challenge « A Look into Our World

  3. Hi, Good luck! I hope you loose your goal weight, it looks like a pretty healthy way to loose it.. I may try this one. Do you have any after pics?

  4. This is the first post that actually explained the purpose of loading up. I read on Amazon where they don’t recommend that you exercise if you’re doing the 500 or 800 calories, regardless of how much fat you load up on during the1st 2 days because you wont be able to sustain the necessary energy for the entire day if you work out on such a low calorie diet. Anyway, I start my HCG diet tomorrow (it just arrived late this evening). I’m nervous. Nothing so far has worked so I’m hopeful.

  5. I have been looking into this for some time now. I ordered from walmart last week and i am suppose to get it today 8/26/2015 in the mail. I am hoping i can start my loading phase today when i get the drops. Like you, I am 180 gained 5pounds in a month (not sure how but okkk). My goal is about 140-150 and i think i will be happy. I am so excited to start as i have read so many great things about it. I will stay motivated and follow this diet to the T. My question/problem is that i work nights 4-5 days out of the week. I know I am at my heaviest when i do not sleep for 8hrs at night or atleast sleep at all during the night. when would be the best time to weigh myself?

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