Copy-Kids Review & Giveaway

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I could cry. Just break down and cry right now.

One out of happiness that my son actually ate raw broccoli but second, (and mostly) for the fact that my camera had a freak out. It did not save ANY of the pictures that I took of this momentous occasion. None to the SD card. None to the camera it’s self. NONE. Oh yes. Imagine my surprise when I put the SD card in the laptop and go to download the pictures. Hmmm…maybe they saved to the camera. After 10 minutes of searching I come across the camera’s usb cord, plug it in…nothing. But more on the camera later. This is after all about Jp actually eating raw broccoli.

Since I have no pictures to show we will be using a combination of stock photos and ones of little man that we already have. Okay, let’s do this!

Imagine this…Jp is sitting at his table…only he was awake this time!!

Imagine him just like this…well, awake like this!!

He is watching Copy-Kids..

Our Copy-Kid for the day!

We start with broccoli. I sit out a plate for him that looks something like this…

Sweet green goodness!!

He watches for a few minutes as the little girl on the screen starts to eat. She is laughing and having a great time, so Jp starts laughing too. He watches for a couple of minutes more and then picks up the broccoli. As with most foods he smells it first. Then…HE EATS IT!!  Holy crap!! *Excuse me while I do my happy dance!* Then he turns back to flash me one of his huge grins like this,

Jp, his friend Kaceigh…and that adorable smile that I love so much!!!

And he keeps right on eating. The child at 8 pieces of broccoli and I couldn’t be happier. The way he is responding to the DVD lets me know that he is ready to try the other veggies!!  I only started with one today just to get him warmed up to the  idea, and to see how he would react. We will be trying bell peppers next. And it looks like I will be purchasing a new digital camera. I WILL get a picture of this child eating vegetables if it’s the last thing I do!!

Now for the fun part!

Do you have a hard time getting your child to eat fruits and veggies? Would you like to try Copy-Kids?? Well enter today for the chance to #win your own Copy-Kids DVD!!

How to enter:


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