Mother’s Day For My Wife-A Guest Post by My Husband.

There’s a moment when your relationship turns into a real life experience. For me, it’s when my wife told me she was pregnant. Conversations and future goals for the both of us changed and in hindsight it is all for the better. Nothing can compare to the intimacy two people can have quite like having a child. I appreciate my wife more and more every day and I love watching her be an excellent ¬†and caring mom. Mother’s Day is a great time to let her know how great of a job she is doing, just like every day is a great time to let her know how awesome she is.

I don’t really see this as a holiday souly for her, like a birthday or even an anniversary…which let’s admit, can be more about her than me. But I see Mother’s Day as a day for the whole family. Where I remember what it was like when we first met, when we married and when we found out we were having our little boy who would share my name. It’s a day for all of us really, when I can tell her in a more formal manner that she is the glue, she is the heart and she is the pretty face of our family. Here’s to another Mother’s Day in which I hope you feel as fulfilled and grateful as I am all the time. If riches come upon me I promise I would shower you with flowers and shiny things and anything else your heart desired. And for Father’s Day, just a tie or a nice watch would be enough. Love you lots. Happy Mother’s Day.