Potty Training Mr. Wigley!!

Well folks, it’s that time. Time to start potty training Mr. Wigley. Recently we have seen an upswing in him taking off his diaper, and coming to us to say “Poop, poop.” when he has gone. Since he is telling us, I am taking that as a cue that it is time to begin this adventure.  Being that he is my one and only little man, this is my first foray into this area. So I am coming to you asking for tips!!


We have a potty seat that goes on the big one, to make it easier for him. My first question is, should I invest in a training potty? It seems as though putting him on the big one only freaks him out, and he won’t sit still. Even with me sitting in front of him, trying to explain “This is where you go when you come to Mommy and say poop, poop!” Nothing will keep him still on there longer than 30 seconds.


Should I move from diapers to Pull-Ups? Did you use them for your children, or is it a unnessecary step? I haven’t looked into them much, but from what I understand they help kids to recognize when they are wet, and that helps to know when they should have gone to the potty. What do you think about Pull-ups?

I did spend a few minutes on their website, and I was able to find some cool things. There is a potty-dance-coloring-page, potty-dance-door-hanger,potty-dance-progress-chart and you can download potty dance songs as well. 

I can’t believe we are at this stage!! It seems like Jp was a tiny baby yesterday…he has grown so fast.


Anyone else out there starting or recently started this journey? Any advice to offer? Feel free to leave it in the comments…anything helps!!


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