Wine Wednesday with Lulu B!!

Wine Wednesday was a total blast. Thanks to Jen, Amanda and Michelle for joining me! Amanda also brought some snacks to go with our taste test, So thanks again chica!

First we tried the Pinot Noir.



While I am not normally a red wine drinker, I found this to be delicious. It is full bodies, and you really taste the dark berries, and black cherry came through very well. I did serve it chilled, just a matter of preference though. Everyone found it very smooth. We stood around My kitchen chatting and noshing, and the wine was perfect for that! What a great way to kick off girls night!

With the Pinot Noir done, we rinsed our glasses and started on the Pinot Grigio!


Pinot Grigio is one of my favorite varities of wine. This is what I typically purchase, and I love to try out new brands. This was amazing!! My favorite. Great citrusy notes, and it paired great with the apples Amanda brought. This wine would be fantastic with a grilled chicken salad, served on a patio, in this great weather Austin has been having!  I have defenatley found my new favorite Pinot Grigio, and I can’t wait to throw together a new salad!


I would really like to thank Lulu B for sending me these varities to try. I would highly recommend trying Lulu B.  It was one of the best girls nights in a long time, and we are already planning more.


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