Husbands Love Chobani too!!

So this morning John decided he wanted to try some yogurt. He rarely eats it, and when he does he is super picky about it. I made him close his eyes and choose and the winner was…


I don’t know what the expression on his face was, but it makes for a great picture!!


There was a TON of actual blueberries and John loved it. I had a bite, and seriously delicious!! This makes for an awesome breakfast, and the 6oz servings were enough to fill even the hungriest of husbands!!

My morning pick was Strawberry!!

I, like my Mother have always been iffy when it comes to Strawberries. She did not like them my entire childhood, but  has recently started eating them again. She puts them on salads for a little sweetness. It’s actually really good!!

Once stirred I was ready to dig in. It seriously took only about 4 minutes for me to end up with this…


That was the BEST Strawberry yogurt I have ever had. I was not expecting to like it, but I wolfed it down. I mean it was savage!! Thus no time for any other pictures!!  I have found my favorite flavor so far and it’s going to be hard to beat. Who know’s though…tomorrow’s blind choice could change my mind. I am loving the Chobani in the morning. It gives me an energy boost to get started for the day, and with a toddler that is much-needed. Plus it is fun getting up in the morning knowing there is a yummy surprise waiting for you!!!


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