It’s Chobani Time!!

I have only purchased lemon yogurt once before, that I can remember. I did not like it. It was one of the standard brands, and I believe it was a whipped variety. It was super tart and after a couple of spoon fulls I was done. I do have to say though, I was pregnant, so that totally could have had a major effect.  None the less I never went back to it.  .

This morning I decided to try it again. I woke up on the daring side. Finally feeling back to my normal feisty self, so why not go for the Lemon. I figure if I like the Lemon, I will LOVE the rest of the flavors.



YUUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Holy cow. I was expecting your standard overly tart, lemon extract flavor that all other yogurt tend to have. NOPE!! Not what I got here. Seriously so delicious. I love that there are actual bits of lemon, and who doesn’t love the smooth texture of greek yogurt. Absolute perfect combo. I couldn’t help but think, when I was devouring the cup(as you can see, I didn’t even pause for another picture besides the one above!!) that this would make a fantastic dip for kale chips. Yep, you read right. Kale chips. My friend Lori over at My Kinda Rain has been raving about them for a while. She makes them as a quick afternoon snack, and I have been wanting to try them out for some time now!! I know that lemon goes really well with cooked kale (zesting or juicing over top) so I was thinking that this would be the perfect refreshing dip for the chips. I am making a grocery store run this weekend, so I will be buying some kale, and another couple of cups of Chobani.

Thanks to the lovely Team Members at Chobani again. I can’t wait to try a new flavor tomorrow morning!!


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