Happy Valentines Day!!

Well it’s finally here. Valentines Day. While I love the holiday and the feeling that surrounds it, my husband and I do not put too much emphasis on the day. Why freak out and buy a whole bunch of candy, flowers and other gifts? Though I have to admit, I have not always thought this way.

John and I started dating May 23, 2003. We met through mutual friends at a get together at his house.(Thank you Amanda!!)  I was still in high school, and just days away from graduating. He was about to turn 21 and working at Harte Hanks.  I know people always say this, but when I saw him, I KNEW that we would end up together.  We met early in May 2003, and spent every weekend, and many weeknights hanging out and getting to know each other. Then on May 23rd, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend!! I was stoked to say the least!!  John was the first guy to ever buy me flowers.  On our one month anniversary he brought me an amazing bouquet of summer flowers, and I still have the card.  I knew then that he was special. He made me realize that special gestures aren’t just for holidays. Wednesdays are just as good of a reason for flowers as Valentines!!

We spent 6 amazing years dating, and were married August 15, 2009. In the past almost 9 years John has shown me that romantic gestures should not be reserved for one day each year, but that they are better when on a random day!! While Valentines holds a certain amount of magic, I find more in a I Love You card on a Tuesday, or flowers on Friday. I love my husband very much. I love all the things that he does for our family. Getting up and going to work every day and doing so happily and without complaining. All so I am able to stay home with our little man. That makes me warmer and fuzzier than a dozen roses ever could!!

John was an amazing boyfriend, and has become the greatest husband and father. The sacrifices he makes for his family mean so much to me. We are closing out one of the most stressful 30 day periods in our entire lives right now, but we were able to work through it, and I think that says something about us. Even when faced with tough situations, we pull together to get through for our family. If times call for saving money, He finds us an apartment with lower rent, and a car with a lower payment. I coupon like a mad woman, and eliminate all extra expenses I can. We work as a team. We do what we can to make things work, and I love that about us. I love that he is willing to adapt to the changes life brings. He is able to keep a calm head and look toward the future, and that helps me. I tend to feel stressed in situations, and having him there to stay calm and cool helps bring me back to focus. I think this connection and solid foundation make for a lasting and successful marriage.

I Love You more than anything John Wigley. Thank you for giving me the best Valentines, Christmas, Birthday, and Anniversary gift ever. Our Son. Jp is the reason we make sacrifices, and He is the reason we are strong together. Thank You for taking such great care of your family. For working hard without ever thinking twice about it. Staying late for overtime and going in on Saturday. Thank you for staying calm. Even when I am freaking out about things, you are there to remind me that it always gets better. The past 9 years have been amazing with you, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.


Happy Valentines Day Babe. I Love You.


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