Can’t wait to get my internet working.

So I haven’t been able to post since we moved, because our phone, internet and cable STILL aren’t hooked up at the new place. It has been a week, and they are finally coming tomorrow to hook it up. Sometime between 1-3 some guy will show up…to flip a switch.

Yep, that’s right, we’ve been waiting a week for someone to come flip a switch. Frustrated is the nicest word I can find to describe this situation. Otherwise this post would be full of symbols…@!&$%##@+…that’s about how I’m feeling right now.

Awesome things are to come when my internet is hooked up tomorrow! I will have a guest post from Lori Gutierrez at My Kinda Rain. Also in the next couple of days I will be posting my recipe and review of Flipflop Wines Sweet Red. Also, I will be announcing my giveaway of a bottle of Flipflop Sweet Red to one lucky reader. Details and rules for entry will be posted Sunday night. 

Thanks to everyone for reading, and keeping up with me during this moving mess!! I am posting from my phone right now, and while WordPress has an awesome mobile app, I can not wait to be back on my computer tomorrow!


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