A Time for Prayer.

Recently I haven’t been able to write as much as I would like. January has brought with the New Year some new struggles. We have decided to tighten the budget, so the first thing to go is the high rent. It has been super stressful, but we think we have found a new home. We are just waiting on the call Monday morning. It’s still an apartment, but I could care less. The rent is $200 lower a month, so it is perfect. We are just praying right now that the call comes through with good news. Along with moving, we are looking to trade in our car. Our payment is too high right now. Our goal is to get into a used car with a lower sale price and payment. That way we can pay it off and eliminate that expense for a while.

Lord willing all this goes well…but it doesn’t hurt to ask. If when you are saying your prayers (if you do), could you say a little one for us. This could do us a world of good.



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