Monkey Christmas 2011

So Monkey Christmas was a total blast this year. Thanks so much to Brandi and Tim for being great hosts as always!! The video was great this year too!! And I’m not just saying that because it was John’s first year to be in it!! I also ended up with 2 AWESOME Monkey themed bottles of wine in the white elephant gift exchange.


Woohoo, I can’t wait to bust them open!

OK, so now you NEED to watch this years video!! If you want to watch previous years videos first check out Monkey Xmas on the web.  For Monkey Christmas 2011 check out Kung Fu Jackknife. I hope you all like it, and feel free to comment and share with your friends!!! I can’t wait until next year!!!

Next up is The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that my best friend Jen and I are hosting!! I must say that our sweaters are looking pretty fantastic, so I hope everyone else is ready for a new level of Tacky!! I just Love Christmas Party Season!!


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