It’s starting to feel like Christmas.

We had an awesome day today. Even though it was freezing and grey outside.  We had a movie day, and just cuddled on the couch, and it was great! I love when he just wants to be lazy too. I haven’t been feeling well the past few days. My lymph node is still super swollen, and the last round of antibiotics and steroids didn’t help. All they did was make me sick to my stomach. I had a follow up appointment on November 29th, but I cancelled it. The next step in figuring out whats wrong is pretty invasive, so I decided that I want to wait until after the holidays. While it may not be the medically recommended decision, it’s my choice. I do not want to spend the next month waiting on test results, and taking meds that make me sick. Not my idea of a fun Christmas.


I dug the tree out of the garage this past weekend, and tonight’s the night that I am going to put it up. I am going to wait for Jp to go to bed, and then start the adventure. I want to get at least one picture of all the ornaments on it, before he starts tearing them off. I have a feeling, “No, don’t touch that” is going to be said millions of times before Christmas is over. Good thing I bought shatter proof ornaments!! I did get the stocking put up this weekend though!! I just love Jp’s little reindeer stocking.



Time to get dinner started for the guys!! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!!





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