A Chance to update

Things have been kinda crazy around here this week. Jp had his hernia surgery on Tuesday morning. Everything went smoothly, and he came out feeling fine. He was given a caudal, which is a shot to numb him from the waist down. So he stayed numb and slept most of the day Tuesday. He tried to walk when we got home around noon, and his little legs buckled under him. So we spent most of the afternoon napping on the couch. He woke up at 6:30 when John got home, rolled off the couch, took a few wobbly steps and then he was back to normal.

It’s crazy to me that he could go through this surgery, and then be up and playing like normal. Wednesday he was back 100%. Climbing on things, playing with his toys, and not acting like he is in ANY pain. He is supposed to be getting Motrin every 6 hours and Tylenol every 4, but he hasn’t needed any medicine since 6:15 last night. I haven’t seen him even wince once in pain, and he is climbing on a chair as I type, so I think he is going to be A-ok!! He does have some restrictions though. No straddling for 2 weeks, so I had to hide our bouncy zebra and rocking horse in my closet, and not baths, only showers until we go for our followup. We go back for our followup with the surgeon on November 16 and then they will take the super band aid off, and he will be left with just the steri-strips for another week or so, until they fall off on their own. I was a lot calmer than I thought I would be. My mom was super awesome, and I am so glad she went with me. Having her there helped to keep me calm and collected.

As for how I imagined things would be, it’s completely different!! He is healing so much quicker than I thought, and I had no clue that he would be back to normal so soon! Now it’s time for him to have his daily sponge bath, and then we are gonna clean the house!! Thank you to all of our friends and family for the words of encouragement, and well wishes. It is a great feeling knowing that we have such awesome people in our lives who care so much about our little man. Have a great day everyone!! XoXo -Courtney


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