Getting back into the swing of things.

So we had an absolutely fantastic Christmas in Athens with the Family. It was great to see everyone and play catchup with them. We don’t all get to be together on the holidays, so it’s great when we do. We stayed from Friday the 23rd until Monday the 26th. We left that night around 10pm. I know it seems a little late to take a 3.5 hour road trip, but we figured Jp would sleep in the car, and he did, so it worked out well. Tuesday was a lazy day around the house, full of laundry and unpacking bags. John was off, so it was great to have him here to entertain little man so I could get that done. About 4 o’clock Wednesday morning, Jp started having Strider again though. I woke John up, and we rushed him to the Dell Children’s Center Emergency Room. He has croup again. This same thing happened in mid October, only we had no clue what was wrong then, and were considerably freaked out. This time it only took a dose of Decadron, and one breathing treatment, and we didn’t have to be admitted to the hospital either. Just a few hours in the ER, and then we were released at 8am.

One of the scariest things as a mom is knowing that your child is having trouble breathing. We have his 24 month checkup scheduled for February 8th, so we are going to talk to the pediatrician about maybe getting a nebulizer at home so we will have it in case this happens again.

I am still waiting on my mom to email me all the pictures from Christmas. My digital camera is broken, so I was not on photo duty this past weekend. As soon as she gets them to me I will post them here.

I haven’t decided if I am going to make a New Years resolution this year. Are you? If so what will it be? I always make them, and with the exception of one year, I don’ think I’ve ever stuck to it. Who knows what will happen this year!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and I also wish you all the best in 2012!!




Wordless Wednesday.

My favorite decoration ever. Never mind he stays out year round. Fred (as he’s named) looks so great in front of the tree.

Busy week ahead…

Well now is the time of year that things kick into overdrive. This week is pretty much going to consist of non stop laundry, packing, and wrapping presents. I also have to remember where I hid all the gifts…thats gonna be an adventure. We are getting ready to head to my Grandmothers in Athens. My mom will be here Friday afternoon, and then we are leaving for the 3.5 hour road trip. The boy usually does pretty good in the car, as long as he has something to keep his hands busy. Plus I will be in the backseat with him, so I can entertain. I’m looking forward to seeing my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin from Mississippi. *Yep, I sang that song in my head to type that out..who doesen’t!!* They have never gotten to meet Jp, so that is going to be great to introduce them! My cousin Meagan is also back from Peru, so it will be great to see her and catch up. She spent the past 11 months studying in Lima, and has had quite the adventure. I can’t wait to see all of her pictures. We were able to keep in touch through Skype and phone calls, but it will be nice to see her little face in person!!

The whole family is supposed to make it in this year, so with all 20 or so of us in the house, it will be pretty busy. Even with all that chaos, it is still so calming to have everyone there!! I can’t wait to make Christmas dinner too!!

I do have something on my mind though, that has been weighing heavily. I have considered writing a post about it, but I haven’t mustered up the gusto yet. I have been a tad wary about his mother, father, and sister reading this.  Until now. I have chosen not to devote a whole post to the subject, just a portion. Here goes.

I have a relative, we will call him Carl for the purpose of this post. Carl is an immediate family member, and will definitely be attending our Christmas festivities. One of those traditions includes gift giving. Well this past year, Carl has decided to denounce our Christian faith, and become an atheist. While I do not agree with his choice, it is his life and he may do as he pleases. What I have a problem with is Carl’s acceptance of gifts. I believe that the tradition of giving gifts comes from the Three Wise men who brought Jesus the gold, frankincense and mur. In that respect, I do not believe that Carl should accept ANY of the gifts his family purchased for him. If you are a true Atheist, you would stay away from all traditions of the season. Not just the ones that you do not benefit from. I have not purchased a gift for Carl, and I do plan on telling him why. I think it is just wrong of him to say there is no God, no Heaven or Hell, no Christmas, no Easter or any other Faith based Holiday, but to still expect for his parents and family to lavish him with gifts on the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord.

That is as far as I will elaborate on my feelings of the situation. I am not posting this to start any huge discussion about Faith and Religion. I know what I believe, and that is all that matters to me and my family. I will raise my children in the Word of the Lord, and hope that I have done all I can to steer them in the right direction.

Have a great day everyone!!


Moving things around.

So I have decided to move the blog. We have changed over to WordPress from Blog Spot. I am loving the new dashboard, and look of the site. Word Press has so many more options and is easily customizable. It was quite a task to get everything moved though. I spent most of the day Friday getting it done.

Friday night was John’s work Christmas party, downtown at Roial. They rented out the whole place, and it was nice to finally meet the people he talks about everyday! From there we headed out to mine and Jens Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. That was a blast, and everyone had a really good time. It was nice to get out of the house and see friends that I haven’t gotten to see in a while. We remembered to take a couple of pics.


We have decided to make this an annual thing. Everyone looked great!! I can’t wait until next year.

The busy time is just starting. We leave for Athens on Friday, so this week will be full of laundry, packing, and wrapping everyone’s presents. Yep, I’m a pretty good at procrastination so I haven’t even opened the wrapping paper!! It’ll get done though!

Time to make dinner for the boys. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!



My Sweet Home Town…

I have lived in Austin since I was 13 years old. We moved to Cedar Park (just north of Austin) in April of 1997, when I was in 7th grade.  My mom had gotten a new job, and actually moved down a couple of months before my sister and I. We stayed behind with my grandma so my mom could get the house set up, and we could finish out our school year, since she had to move in March, and we would be out of school in May. Well after a month of wanting to know what it was like, I decided that I wanted to move too. That way I had a month to get to know people, and make some friends before the new school year started. I didn’t want to be the “New Girl” on the first day of 8th grade.

I have lived here for almost 15 years, and I couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else. We moved from a small town in East Texas called Athens. A town where you know everyone, and they all know your business…sometimes before you do. It is a close knit community, with many Churches and some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. But recently Athens has been in the news. 

Athens is the County Seat of Henderson County, and for as long as I can remember the courthouse lawn has been decorated for many holidays. Easter, Christmas, New Years, and others. Well it seems this year someone has a problem with the Nativity Scene. The same Nativity Scene that has been on display every Christmas since I, or even my Mom for that fact, can remember. Up until now there has NEVER been a problem with this display. No one has complained. It’s gone up, gone down, and people have gotten on with their lives.

This year a Malakoff resident decided to complain. This person is an atheist, and contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin. They claim that the Nativity Scene is “offensive”. WHAT?? Offensive, really?? What’s offensive to me is that someone could find negative and hate in something so pure. Something that for many people means a lot. Here is a link to YouTube, and one of the many videos posted on the issue. This particular clip is from Fox News.

I personally think the Nativity Scene should be on display, and I know a lot of people agree with me. Athens residents or not. I say keep the Nativity Scene up. Keep it on display for all to see. People get lost in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and tend to forget the true meaning. The Nativity serves as a reminder. Helps to bring things back into focus. Lets you know that there is something “Bigger” out there, and it’s not just about what fancy gifts you get for your loved ones. It’s REALLY about the loved ones. I hope you all remember that this year. I know this hoopla in Athens has really helped me to do so. To forget about not being able to buy everyone gifts, or be able to make the perfect cookies. Reminded me just to focus on the time spent with the ones I love!